Recent Events in the Life of the Black Majority Churches

Celebration of Windrush and the death of Dr Tayo Adeyemi
Posted on July 3, 2013by israelolofinjana

The past two weeks have been very significant in the life of the Black Majority Churches. The 22nd of June marks the 65 years anniversary of the arrival of SS Empire Windrush at Tilbury in London which carried about 493 Caribbean from West Indies. Majority were ex-servicemen who were returning to Britain to help build the mother country after the devastation of the Second World War. To remember and as well celebrate this occasion there was a Windrush service of Thanksgiving at Bloomsbury Baptist Church in London. The second event is the passing away of Dr Tayo Adeyemi on the 30th June after a prolonged illness. Dr Adeyemi is the founder and Senior Pastor of New Wine Church in Woolwich, south east London. I will like to at this stage give my condolences to the wife and 3 children of Dr Adeyemi and pray that God will grant them peace and grace at this difficult time.  These events are very significant in the life of our black churches, one looks to the past to remember the struggles of black people and the pioneers of the black church while the other although sad, reflects on the success of Black Majority Churches. In essence one is about the past and the other is about the present and the future. They are significantly connected because the Windrush generation is the genesis of the Black Majority Churches which laid the foundation and paved the way for the success of African Churches that later developed in the 1990s.Read More