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WONDERING WHY WE EXIST? Word of Life Church London is here to fulfil God’s three-fold desire.

The mission of this church is to facilitate, develop and train people so that they will be able to accomplish the plan that Jesus has for them

At World Harvest Christian Center Manchester, we are dedicated to loving God and loving people while making more and better followers of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

The World Harvest Christian Centre was formally established on the 14th of January 1995 by the founding pastor, Reverend Wale Babatunde. This was in direct obedience to the Word of the Lord to him to “Build Him (God) a Missionary Church, an outward…

There is a new generation rising at World Harvest Christian Centre Manchester Church – A Generation of the New Army of Christ, through his passionate teachings of the New Man in Christ message. This has also led to the birth of The New Man Institute